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Spotlight of the Week: Lydia

Hey guys! It’s about time we learn a little bit more about the dazzling violinist, Lydia! This Bella gal charms the crowd not only with her dexterous violin playing, but also with the undeniably radiant energy that has the power to warm up the entire room. We asked her a few questions, let’s see what she had to say:

What inspired you to play the violin?
I’ve always been fascinated with the violin, but I think it all started when I saw a Marc Chagall painting in our house of a violinist on a roof. From that moment, I felt compelled to try that beautiful instrument and see what adventures I might find with it.

What is your favorite quote?
Since a kid, I’ve loved the saying, “Life is good.” It really sums up my view on life- that I am truly lucky to know how lucky I am. I’m grateful to enjoy every moment and love giving back in any way I can.

What do you typically like to do on Friday nights?
I perform with Zowie Bowie at Red Rock Casino on Friday nights, therefore my “Friday” is typically during the week. I love seeing all the Vegas shows, live music, movies, going to red carpet events, performing for charities, and most any other social event that I find myself whisked away by my charming boyfriend, Chris Phillips.

Are there other musicians in your family?
No musicians, but my mother is an artist and my brother is a genetic scientist… what happened? 😉

Can you dance?
I tend to do most of my “dancing” on stage with my violin… you take my violin and I feel naked.

What is your favorite dessert?
I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I think my favorite is ice cream though. The only thing I can guarantee that is stocked in my empty freezer is ice cream. 😉

What do you enjoy most about performing?
I love being able to connect with the audience and strive to make them happy. The slightest encouragement, whether a smile, foot tap, or nod makes my whole night.

What’s your favorite memory of a Bella gig?
Bella gigs are more than just performing for/with established companies, celebrities, and stars- it’s a family where I have a great excuse to see my friends and get to have some fun with them on and off stage. Sometimes we are goofy, sometimes we support each other for a crazy day, and of course it’s always awesome that we’re getting to do what we all love together.

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Have a great day, everyone!

  • by nina
  • posted at 2:06 pm
  • October 27, 2013